Digital Marketing Strategies for Residential Real Estate Companies 

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One of the very few things we all have in common is needing a place to stay. This is one thing that remains a constant for students, working individuals, small and large families all the way to newly weds. We all need a roof over our heads as a basic need for survival. Additionally, we can browse for ‘roofs’ more suited for our preferences with high ceilings and ocean views. That’s where residential real estate companies come in. To offer us properties whether for sale or rentals that we can occupy for residential purposes.

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Now, can you imagine the competition for businesses in the real estate industry?

Can you think of emerging companies or even individuals who are simply renting out their backrooms? 

They’re all contributing to the lucrativeness of the residential real estate industry and therefore it is important for such businesses to be innovative and remain relevant, more so in the digital space. 

Here’s what you can do for your business:  

1. Digital Presence 

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This one might seem a bit obvious but in reality it forms the foundation of all that is to follow. People need to know about you before they can start engaging with your offered services. They need to know about the location of your offices if you have any, your website, social media handles, and overall brand of your properties. 

This again might seem generic for all businesses however, the truth is, this is the new and subjectively better way of building and maintaining relationships. This is how people looking for single family homes, vacation properties, apartments and so forth will find you. The online space is the way you let residential property seekers know you exist!

This is true for both small and relatively large residential real estate companies. On the brighter side, it’s also effective for individuals looking to break into this industry.

Here are a few tools you can use: 

Google My Business

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Google My Business is an amazing way to put your business out there. This site allows you to optimise your profile, verify your business’ location and to control your online presence. You can do this through posts updates and gathering reviews people write about your properties. You can even allow for direct messaging should you prefer. This essentially affords you an opportunity to engage and connect with property seekers and the fact that it’s free and quite easy to follow is one more reason you need to start capitilising on this tool. 

More tips: 

  • The images you use are what will attract clients to your company. Therefore, use pictures of good quality that correctly capture the overall nature and feel of your brand as property provider. Customers want properties that are well kept, the images you use should represent that and more. 

  • Ensure that you reply to all reviews, good and bad. Bad reviews can be discouraging especially since everyone who views your business can see them but you can still make a positive spin out of that review. Politely reply with a solution and actually follow up with that. It shows accountability and high-quality customer service.  

  • Update your profile with any changes that arise. For instance, if you change your office location or working hours, ensure that your business profile is promptly updated so it does not inconvenience your customers. 


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A good website can do wonders for your company. It can allow customers to view your available properties, the prices you charge, the properties’ locations even with maps to heighten the experience, the size and property types, the neighbourhood (you also include videos), financing options if you have any and so much more. 

Imagine the convenience for your targeted property seekers finding all of this information in one place!

The main driver here is the user experience (UX). Firstly you want your website to be easy to navigate. Preferably, your audience can choose their preferred location and neighbourhood and luxury features should they wish for those without browsing through all of your properties. 

You’re essentially creating categories that will enhance the overall user experience. Customers shouldn’t be confused about whom to contact for this property or struggle to find the price for that property. Aim to make it so easy yet so rich in information that they even recommend your service offering to others!

Other tips: 

  • You can make use of websites such as Wix and Squarespace, amongst others easily from your home or office.  

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  • Your website can also include neighbourhood guides. This is a nice addition if you also provide residential properties to tourists through vacation apartments or even residents who are moving to a new place and are not familiar with the neighbourhood. 

You can include things such as local schools and libraries, recreational facilities, shopping centres, community groups and many more places of interest. 

  • Your website can be designed such that it also has mobile compatibility. This can make it easier for your audience to easily browse through your pages whenever and most importantly, wherever. 


Now that you’ve set up your business and created your website, it’s time to get your residential properties out there. 

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Digitally marketing your business is an important step in your online presence. 

Here are a few strategies you can use:

  •  Email Marketing 

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This is one way you can stay relevant in this industry. You can also allow for options for customers to subscribe for newsletters so they are made aware should new properties be available. Whatever it is you decide to connect to your audience with, ensure it is compelling and relevant for your previous residents and potential ones. 

  •  Social Media Marketing 

You can never go wrong with putting your properties on social media. Firstly ensure they look the part. From polished floors to shining windows and well-kept exterior. That’ll be the first thing attracting customers to view more of your residential properties even if they were just browsing for something else. High quality pictures can go a long way.

Use this platform – social media-  to post new or existing listings, any blogs you might have that are relevant to property seekers and even host virtual tours. This is you bringing the feel of the home to your customers directly from their homes. 

Other positives for this tool are that you don’t need to post immediately after you’re done being creative with your properties. Sites such as Canva and Heropost actually allow you to schedule your posts thus saving you time. 

Also make use of search engine optimisation (SEO) to bring your website traffic up. There are a lot of residential real estate companies out there, investing in SEO will mean your website and pages show higher on search engines. So make sure you’re using the relevant keywords for your articles/web pages to optimise your website. 

Your articles can be about things to look out for when buying or renting a property for the first time, even financing options for property buyers, neighbourhood guides and basically anything relevant that aims to assist or resolve frustrations customers can have when it comes to finding a place to stay.

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Other Tips:

  •  Instagram, TikTok and Facebook all have analytics features that allow you to see the impressions your post has had, the interactions, reach and profile visits. Use this information to analyse what works for your company. 

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  • Use Hashtags and be creative! What can you offer with your properties that can be of advantage to you? Is there a rich history behind the location you think people would like to know about? 

Whatever it is, don’t forget to be creative. You’re not just offering a room to rent or just a property to sell, you’re giving your customer a new home, whether temporary or permanent. Be creative enough to sell them that idea. 

  • Invest in digital marketing training and development  

If there’s one thing that remains true for the digital space is that it is forever evolving, which can only mean one thing, you also need to evolve!

Never get too comfortable especially in this competitive field you’re in. Take classes online if you must. Learn new digital trends and strategies to help you remain relevant and maybe more than that, be preferred amongst your competitors. 

Here’s one place you can easily get certified in digital marketing: 

2.  Don’t forget the human touch

So far, the blog has been exploring growing your digital presence and while that’s of utter importance, the human element shouldn’t be forgotten. You’re working with people after all. 

Sure, you do reply to reviews online and respond to emails but how do you treat clients who come in to view your properties in person? Believe it or not, but the way they’re welcomed, greeted, the smiles they get, the quality of service and politeness they get can easily translate to a positive tweet about your company.

As you can see, you’re also growing your digital presence in face-to-face interactions!

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Image Link (real estate):  One of the very few things we all have in common is needing a place to stay. This is one thing that remains a constant for students, working individuals, small and large families all the way to newly weds. We all need a roof over our heads as a basic need…

Image Link (real estate):  One of the very few things we all have in common is needing a place to stay. This is one thing that remains a constant for students, working individuals, small and large families all the way to newly weds. We all need a roof over our heads as a basic need…

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