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Digital Marketing Strategy Plan For A Crochet Business

Irene’s Corner is a business about the art of crochet. Crochet is the process of creating products from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook. Irene’s Corner is a new business, it is important to have the right digital marketing strategy plan for the business.

Crocheting as knitting consists of pulling loops through other loops. Crochet isn’t just a time-passer, it can be a real money-earner. Crocheters have been creating valuable textiles throughout history. 

Crochet products are made for the pleasure of creating a beautiful patterned design. The price of the crochet product may also depend on how long it was made by a person.

Crochet Hook and Wool

Crochet is always popular. Irene turned her hobby into a way to generate income. During isolation, she turned to crochet as a way to deal with the anxiety that lockdown has brought.

Irene’s Corner is an online and offline crochet shop that sells accessories, clothes, baby clothes, and more.  Before the strategy is implemented the business has to set its short-term and long-term goals. a beneficial tip, make use of SMART goals.

Short-term goals

  • In 3 months sell 80 items(accessories)
  • In 6 months sell 30 items per week

Long-term goals

  • In 8 months have 1000 followers across my social networks
  • In 12 months donate crochet baby clothes too charities

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan For Irene’s Corner

Create a website

Irene’s Corner is a new business and creating a website will make the business more credible. Your website is the focal point of your business. It’s a place to describe your services/products and the medium for clients to come in contact with you. You can showcase your crochet products, you can display high-quality photography on your website. You can display reviews and testimonials on your website. It is a great way to establish social proof.

Unique Selling Position

Crochet Earrings

Narrowing down your target audience.

Irene’s Corner caters to women between the ages of 16 and 50+. They will be drawn to the earrings, necklaces, baby clothes, beanies, and many more fashionable items.

What problem does Irene’s Corner solve?

Irene’s Corner sells clothes and accessories that anyone can afford. The pandemic caused a lot of financial damage, especially in South Africa and Irene’s cover makes fashionable clothes and accessories accessible to all women.

Establish your brand

Brands is how you present yourself to the public. Irene’s Corner brand is sincerity, it includes being seen as wholesome and down-to-earth. Irene’s Corner is a local business, that caters to its community, selling affordable and high-quality items. Using quality wool and tools.

Social Media Presence

Photo by Interesting Engineering

It’s essential to be found online to create awareness for your brand.

Everything today is digital and people are on their phones non-stop. The first step to creating brand awareness is to create social media accounts. Use social media platforms that are beneficial to your business.

Social Media accounts beneficial for Irene’s Corner


This platform can be used for photos or upload tutorial videos. This platform is great for the older generation of your target audience. Having a Facebook account that your audience can follow will establish that your business is real and trustworthy. 


All businesses should have a well-kept Instagram account. This platform is great for displaying your products. It accommodates different moods and aesthetics to attract customers to your page. Younger and older people use  Instagram, make sure to get your Instagram page up to date.


It’s an all-around platform, Irene’s Corner can use Youtube to make tutorials on how to crochet. It’s a skill anyone can obtain. These tutorials can be beneficial to anyone who wants a new hobby or generate income. Youtube has a feature known as Youtube Shorts. You can display new products or give short tutorials. If this platform is used to its full capacity, it can boost the business in all aspects.


This platform is ideal for increasing brand awareness for small businesses like Irene’s       Corner. It’s meant for innovative ideas and creative thinkers. On this platform, you can post your  newly made products, designs, and patterns. Pinterest is not as popular as the other social media platforms but it’s great for paid advertising. Your page will get attention from people who have an interest in crochet items. Like the name of the platform reads, it pins your interests.

How you can optimize your social media pages

Market research

It’s essential to know what your target audience wants. What items are more popular and what type of designs do they like the most. This allows the business to predict how your audience will react to certain elements of your business. If you know what’s in demand according to your target audience, you’ll know what to post on your social media pages.


To promote your business, you need to make it easy for your viewers to share your content with others. The more your followers share your content, the more traffic you drive to your social media pages and/or website. South Africans share content on Whatsapp as well.

Local SEO

Irene’s Corner is a new business as mentioned before, it doesn’t have a huge budget. Make use of local SEO, specifically local citations. A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses. Having the right basic citations can help you rank accurately on Google Maps.

The Importance of Content

Online traffic will bring sales to the business. Social networks have the potential to bring thousands, millions of views to your product and your webpage.

How to build and increase your audience

Schedule your content

Be consistent when and what you post. Post two or three times a week. You can upload a video once a week and increase it gradually as your audience gets larger.

Be active

Communicate with your audience. Reply to their comments, try to answer as many messages as you can. Like and comment on the interests of your audience as well.

Be creative

Your content is the expression of who you are and your brand. Think outside the box, be imaginative and try to surprise your audience each time. Always spread positivity with your content to make your audience feel good. They’ll come back for more and share, like, and subscribe.

Choosing a marketing campaign

It’s important to have specific goals. an ad campaign is when you put together a series of promotional content which are working towards one particular goal. In the case of this business, a display campaign would work best. It is meant to increase brand awareness by showing advertisements based on the user’s interest. If you have done proper market research you’ll know which items are in demand according to your target audience. 

Start a blog

Publish content that helps your customers understand your brand and what products you sell. Blogging is something you need to do from day one. Content is a very powerful way to gain more followers/customers without having to sell your products. Blog about things that your followers would like to know about. Like how long it takes to make certain items. Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to improve your SEO. It helps google to see that your webpage is active.

Google my business

This will help you reach local potential customers, its free to create and it will help to build your digital fingerprint. It displays your business description, people will know what your business has to offer. It will display your location and contact details, customers will know where to find you and how to reach you. Customers can leave reviews and ask questions. This will give your business credibility and gives you insight into what your customers think about your product.

Deciding on a workforce

Irene’s Corner doesn’t have a budget to afford marketing firms. Its best for entrepreneurs to establish an online presence themselves. It saves money and you can execute your ideas exactly how you envisioned them.

Freelancers are great to hire when you need a helping hand. They aren’t a part of the staff, they are a great option if you want to take care of one thing or something you have limited knowledge of. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork have freelancers waiting for an opportunity to help and assist you and your business.

Research your competitors

You have to keep in mind that a lot of people followed the same steps as you. They’re your competition. Once you have your product defined you can research businesses that sell the same products as you.

Check locally

How many crochet or knitting businesses are in your area. Google my business will automatically show you all the same businesses that are around you. Check their reviews, what people have to say about their products. See what your business can improve on what they are lacking.

Check webpages of first results on Google

How fast does the webpage load? A slow-loading webpage will make potential customers leave your webpage. A fast loading speed will rank your SEO higher. Look at the layout of their webpage is it visually appealing, does it make you want to buy products or make use of their services. You can also check out their blog for further investigation.

Check their social networks

Check what type of content they are posting, when they are posting, and how many times per week. Try to find out what type of people are following them and why. Research the weak and strong points of your competitors to find possible opportunities for your business.


A lot of competitors will be on Etsy. It’s a global online marketplace where people sell, buy and collect unique items. Its focus is on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. You can check out what type of items your competitors sell and what prices are. You can also sell on Etsy and compete with competitor prices.

It’s overwhelming to start a small business and implement a digital marketing strategy plan. It’s a direction you have to move towards if you want to be successful in today’s age. Be decisive, make informed decisions. Never lose hope then you’ll keep your business on the right track.

Irene’s Corner is a business about the art of crochet. Crochet is the process of creating products from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook. Irene’s Corner is a new business, it is important to have the right digital marketing strategy plan for the business. Crocheting as knitting consists of pulling loops through…

Irene’s Corner is a business about the art of crochet. Crochet is the process of creating products from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook. Irene’s Corner is a new business, it is important to have the right digital marketing strategy plan for the business. Crocheting as knitting consists of pulling loops through…

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