Nutrition Business Marketing Plan

Creating a digital marketing plan for your business

Implementing a good online business plan is essential for a nutrition business because its one of the main channels that will influence an audience to buy. There is a lot of competition in the nutrition segment so its important to understand where you can stand out as a competitor, its important to understand how to sell, communicate and deliver a good customer service online.

We live in an era where people have become very health conscious and is keen on receiving the best products for fast and noticeable improvements. Its our jobs to ensure that the customer realize that our business has the ability to offer this kind of service. Covid has opened opened a door for for new opportunity because many have become lazy, others are looking new products while some are just looking to buy. It is the brands duty to maximize every feasible channel and strategy for the best results in the short and long term.

The plan of action

1.The Goals

Short term goals will be measured at the end of month 4 and month 5

We want to measure the business success in cash rather than the amount of orders because we want to measure cashflow. every single product has a different price range so setting a short term financial object is the better measurement.

Month 4: 3 brand ambassadors, 500 Instagram followers, 100 Facebook followers and 20 website visitors a month (R2000 in sales) 500 YouTube followers

Months 5 : 6 brand ambassadors, 600-800 Instagram followers, 200 Facebook followers and 30 website visitors a month (R3000 in sales) per month 2000 YouTube followers

Long term goals will be measured at end of month 7, and 1 year

Month 7: 1500 Instagram followers, 500 Facebook followers and 40 website visitors a month 2500 YouTube followers

1 Year: 2000 Instagram followers and a continuous growth in website and Facebook followers. (3500-4000 monthly sales) 3000-4000 YouTube followers

2. Target Market

Female- Male ages between 20-35

Assuming the business has no existing customers, it must there for build on a platform that is tech savvy, has money, that appeals to lifestyle changes and fitness.

Appealing factors

Products must provide all essential nutritional facts for the best transparency. Any lack of knowledge will make people hesitant on buying. Provide calorie count, protein per serving etc. This will spare time and improve convenience, especially based on the demographic

provide good discounts on products, buy one get one for free, free deliveries, competitions or provide the opportunity for people become brand ambassadors.

Create a network between the brand, ambassadors and the audience. A nutrition business must build on a community to establish trust and familiarity.

Provide a “Guarantee” factor that only your business can provide this can be a 1 day delivery service, a tailored eating plan for new starters, a free toll calling service for better customer service.

The most important factor for any nutrition business is the level of ethicality, provide transparency at all times. Create a good Code of Conduct that your customers can easily find, read and understand.

3.Connecting with the audience

Social media

These will be the channels where the customers will come to know about your existence, products and your community. Social media is a good place where you can give your target market instruction such as: visit the webpage, check the discount link, read our code of conduct, insert your details to win, display new YouTube content and its the main place for advertising, influencing and building a community. Its important to understand which channels your audience will use so that you can appeal to them as effectively as possible. You want to be an active engager, provide creative content, be a good sponsor to your ambassadors, you want to use trending hashtags such as: #londonfitness #londongym #londonfitness. One big influencing factor: Allow a brand ambassador to take over your account for the day, using you products, showing their exercise routine for the day. This will build an influencing effect on the rest of the audience.

Google my business

This is a good platform for building credibility. Here your target audience can read your reviews, see your engagement, customer service, see your location, business information, business photography and more. Its important for people to see that you have a physical location, website, social media and other factors that will increase your level of transparency and customer confidence.


The webpage must consist of all business information, it must explain who you are and what you hope to achieve. A webpage that is fast will increase your chances of customers buying from you. A good webpage will have all products information, it will be appealing through its layout, photography, videos and other relevant information that your audience can use to improve themselves, their workout or eating plans for example blogs. A good webpage must provide a safe and secure method for payment and information on tracking deliveries.

Paid advertisements

Using Paid ads on google will not only allow your audience to find the product that they are looking for but will also improve the SEO for your website. Using paid ads as a new business will increase your ability to make sale since it provides a clear pathway for consumers to buy. Paid ads provides a route for potential buys to visit your website and other channels products on offer.


For a nutrition business the ability to build a community, trust and confidence is pertinent. Using YouTube can be used for vlogging under the brands name. Vlogging will allow the business to build a following that can lead them to purchasing products through your links. You can encourage them to visit your social media channels and more. Vlogging will provide a more conversational, informal aspect to the business removing the static image of just “being another business product”. A YouTube channel can display exercises for woman, men teenagers and new beginners, it also allows you to assign a specific product to the exercise program for better results. The YouTube algorithm has shown that vlogging has a higher viewing rate, sales and increase following rate.

4. Evaluating competitors

Competitors Research

  • Use google my business: See their reviews and customer service
  • Check competitors social media channels to see how they are engaging with customers
  • See if they have any service deliveries that you can improve upon


  • Does the website provide good nutritional information on every product
  • Does the website  provide a connection between the brand and its customers
  • Does the website offer other information of value
  • Does the website provide easy, safe transactions

Social media content

  • See how competitor posts, what they post and when they post
  • Beautiful photography is important
  • Make sure that brand ambassadors are featured with tags and then inform on the products they use.
  • Make sure you follow fitness pages and fitness influences to increase followers and engagement

Customer service

  • What is the response time and response rate
  • How easy is their contact system
  • Do they have FAQ?
  • Can you provide toll free WhatsApp or calling
  • What are their reviews on google my business?

5.Generating Traffic


Analytics is a good way for measuring online performance that will allow the business to target customers with specific nutrition products, target a specific season, and more. Web analytics can be defined in google, Facebook, Instagram and more. Analytics allows a business to build traffic because it provides information on demographics, time, dates, amount of time spent on the channel and which product has been viewed the most. Analytics will vastly improve decision making which can also be used for generating traffic in a different sense.

Search engine optimization

SEO is a great way for improving traffic because it gives the customer what they are looking for in the search area.

Improving SEO

  • Use blogs and use them as backlinks
  • Use specific keyword search
  • Make sure your website is fast and user-friendly
  • Make sure your paid ads are effective.
  • Encourage followers on other channels to visit your webpage

Use social media to collect consumer details/ newsletters

Social media is a great channel for encouraging users to provide the business with their information so that they can be aware of new deals, free deliveries, competitions and more. Having access to the mailing details allows the business to make use of MailChimp that can be use for newsletters, its a great way for building relationships with customers especially when you use their first names. customers can be sorted into groups such as their age, gender, years of training experience and more. This information can then be used to sell specific products for each demographic segment on the business marketing agenda.

The comedic approach

Like many modern day ads today a comedic persona is one of the great marketing tools out there. By pursuing a comedic approach at certain times, you will have the audience glued to the screen because the business has captured their interest and their sense of connection, people are more likely to sign up to social media channels, webpage or might even buy a product immediately. A comedic persona allows the clients to have more confidence in what they are seeing, they might be interested in what the business might show next, so its there for results in more traffic for the business.

Creating a digital marketing plan for your business Implementing a good online business plan is essential for a nutrition business because its one of the main channels that will influence an audience to buy. There is a lot of competition in the nutrition segment so its important to understand where you can stand out as…

Creating a digital marketing plan for your business Implementing a good online business plan is essential for a nutrition business because its one of the main channels that will influence an audience to buy. There is a lot of competition in the nutrition segment so its important to understand where you can stand out as…

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