Strategy Plan for Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation Centers

To put it bluntly … 

People have problems. They can be either mental or physical, sometimes both, and before we continue we need to clear the air. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an illness. Many people are quick to jump the gun and say that it is the person’s fault they are the way they are.

While this is not completely wrong, it’s more complicated than that. We need to understand that there are so many factors that influence and shape the way we behave, think and live. These factors include our society, environment, communities, genetics, and perceptions as we grow older.

No one knows what life has in store for them, what challenges, decisions, and roads they need to take. It’s easier to make an assumption than to find out the truth. People are faulty, that’s just part of being human but know that your rehabilitation center can help others deal with whatever it is they are going through. 

Reason’s why your Rehabilitation Center is needed:

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  1. The mental health condition of individuals has decreased in more than 93% of countries worldwide.
  2. Around 276 million people worldwide uses drugs and more than 37 million people suffer from drug related illnesses and disorders. 
  3. An estimated 2.4 billion people worldwide are currently living with a health condition that can be treated through rehabilitation centers. 

(All information are fact-checked and can be found on WHO’s official website)

Below is a simple yet highly effective strategy plan for your Rehabilitation Center.

1) Identify your Goals.

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Helping people should be your primary goal, now you need to consider ways in which you can help these people to the best of your ability. While the pandemic has had a negative effect on many aspects of work and life, it has also shed light on a new way of doing things.

Digital advancement has made it possible for people to virtually interact with each other. With this in mind, you need to make full use of opportunities and digital marketing. I cannot stress this enough. You rarely find a business that has no digital footprint. 

With the pandemic having been the cause of many businesses shut down, how will you keep yours afloat? What goals do you want to achieve and how different do you want your center to be?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself. While it may be difficult getting new patients to physically come in for sessions, it’s recommended that you have them online. Patients that need therapy sessions can make use of:

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  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google meets
  • Ring Central Video 

This way you can continue to grow your client base while keeping your business afloat.

2) Identify your Vision.

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When you visualize your rehabilitation center, do you see yourself as standing and managing alone or do you see yourself in partnership with other organizations? It would be better if you were in partnership with role players.

These include Community Organizations, departments of Social Development, departments of Justice, departments of Correctional Facilities, and partnerships with the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities. 

3) Identify your Operational Analysis 

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  • Business hours – Identify how many hours you want your rehabilitation center to be open for, we suggest you run 24/7. You want to be ready for intakes at all hours of the day as it is very likely that a patient may change their mind. 
  • Services offered – Decide on what services your rehabilitation center is going to provide. Services such as family & marriage counselling, psychological and physical support, awareness programs, empowerment workshops, neurological support and addiction treatment etc. 
  • Identify your Growth Strategy – Identify what strategies you are going to use to grow your center. Consider fundraising, partnership with international organizations and governmental departments and advertising. 


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There are many ways to advertise your business, the old-fashioned way and the recently adopted way. We understand that back in the day radio, newspaper and television were the most common ways of advertisement however, while they are still relevant today, they are not the most common anymore.

Social media advertisement is extremely popular, and it’s much easier and faster to get your message across. It’s cost-effective, simpler in terms of manual labor, improves brand awareness, helps you reach your target audience faster, and increases conversion rates. 

Establishing an online presence

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The first thing you want your business to have is a website. This legitimizes your business and makes it seem more trustworthy. People will be able to find you a lot easier, and you’ll be visible to more people, thus creating revenue, leads, and getting exposure. 

Online directories 

Next, you want to list your business in all online directories. Think of it as yellow pages, but for your business. It helps Google recognize that you’re a legitimate company and that you exist.


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If you haven’t already, it’s recommended you create a Google My Business account and once you’ve done it, reach out to past clients or friends and politely ask them to leave you a review. As much as 88% of consumers trust online reviews, they have a strong impact on your business. 

High-quality backlinks

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Backlinks are basically incoming hyperlinks from one website to another. All SEO guides and analysts will tell you how important the number and quality of links are. What these do is they make your website/pages more likely to pop up when searched for or when something similar is searched for.

Using backlink management tools like SEMRush or Link Explorer will benefit and help you discover the most successful domains for your niche. If you feel like it’s too much work to do yourself you can always reach out to a blog outreach company like OutreachMama

Grow your email and connections list 

Having an online marketing presence is essential to creating a web presence. Email marking is one of the most effective ways of marketing, it allows you to reach more clients while still maintaining old ones. Email marketing is as much as 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter advertising.

Provide consistent yet valuable content 

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Never skip a day of creating content, make yourself known, and create the impression that you are consistent, reliable, honest, and provide valuable content on whatever platform you choose. Whether it be your website, blog, podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. Make sure you engage with your audience.

Find out what it is that your audience is interested in and work around that. In the case of a rehabilitation center, you would want to focus on your posts which would be informational, educational, branding, mixed, and inspirational posts especially. 

It’s good to have the mindset of thinking local but acting global. Never limit yourself. 

4) Identify your SWOT Analysis

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  • Your rehabilitation center is running 24/7.
  • Your center is entitled to some kind of government funding.
  • Excellent help and care is offered at your center. 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to meet many international role players and form partnerships.
  • You are incorporating social media tools and platforms to keep growing your pool of clients.


  • Due to the pandemic, the amount of patients admitted to the center is not as much as before.
  • It might have slow growth in the beginning as social media is only now being incorporated into the business. 
  • Getting financial assistance and partnership might be difficult if you are a startup company. 


  • To grow internationally. 
  • With the rehabilitation center up and running, it creates jobs for many people
  • Forming alliances and being in partnership with other companies/people.
  • To take full advantage of the pandemic situation and focus on digital marketing as many people are suffering, and they need a place that can help them.


  • There might be companies with the same idea or concept as yours, in this case you need to make sure you provide the best of everything and keep innovating.
  • Many companies may have taken advantage of the fact that people need rehabilitation so be prepared to have competition.

5) Budget 

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Work out a realistic budget for your rehabilitation center, take into consideration workers who need to be paid, rates, and business tools fees (if any). Typically, a rehabilitation center is looking to spend around $80 000 – $90 000 per month.   


A rehabilitation center is a place, a symbol of hope. Many a time people who have lost everything, or a piece of themselves will walk through your door and decide it’s time for them to change. They want to get better, and your center can help them do just that. 

While it may seem daunting and scary to start a center that will ultimately change people’s lives, it’s not impossible. If you have drive and ambition, it will be no problem achieving your goals.

Make use of online tools and social media to help grow your business and successfully get your name out there. 

To put it bluntly …  People have problems. They can be either mental or physical, sometimes both, and before we continue we need to clear the air. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an illness. Many people are quick to jump the gun and say that it is the person’s fault they are the…

To put it bluntly …  People have problems. They can be either mental or physical, sometimes both, and before we continue we need to clear the air. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an illness. Many people are quick to jump the gun and say that it is the person’s fault they are the…

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