The Digital Marketing Strategy for New Clothing Brands

The digital marketing strategy can be defined as a plan of action that is executed to obtain your goals and aims via current or available marketing channels or outlets such as paid, earned, owned and employed media. 

We are living in a technology-driven world. Thus, businesses must adopt technology at a quick rate in order to keep up with the times. That is to say, each and every business has to possess the required skills and knowledge so as to remain competitive irrespective of whether the business is small or big. Also, it is insignificant whether the enterprise is new or has been around for decades.

The bottom line is businesses have to know and implement fruitful digital marketing strategies. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy will be outlined below.

Situation Analysis

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Examining competitors is an imperative component of a business strategy. It is stated that numerous firms do not analyze their competitors thoroughly. Consequently, this put many firms in jeopardy owing to a lack of examining competitors. It is essential to conduct an analysis of competition at different business phases to furnish the optimum product for customers. 


This is where a clothing brand analyzes their target market. If your target market is teenage boys and girls, you must know their online purchasing behavior. That will assist in meeting them where they spend most of their time. Moreover, knowing their behavioral pattern will save lots of time and resources. 


Things get more realistic in this aspect of a digital marketing strategy. In other words, this component lets businesses know what they will be working with with regards to resources and assets. Thus, the entire digital marketing strategy will revolve around the current and available assets and resources. New clothing brands should not try to mimic the big brands that have been in the market for decades, because they might end up exhausting their resources. 


New clothing brands should carefully describe and select their goals. Clearly defining goals helps in keeping a business in the right course. Let’s discuss some of the types of goals that new clothing brands might strive for. 

Building brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent of customer familiarity of a product by its name using different marketing platforms. It differentiates the product of a brand from its competitors. In regards to new clothing brands, they should stand out as much as possible. In other words, they should not enter the market with the mentality of trying to be the next so and so. Differentiation is the cornerstone of positioning. 

Establishing thought leadership

Thought leadership is a sort of content marketing where you use the talent, expertise and experience that is existent in your business to consistently provide answers to the most confusing mysteries that your target market has.

These answers are provided in the formats that your target market is most familiar with. If a new clothing brand is aiming for this goal it should not try to be “different” all of the time. The new clothing brands can just provide the best answers to their target market. 

Educating customers

This is a discipline of teaching customers how to use and extract value from products. As an important function of business, it gives lots of advantages to the customers in many phases of the customer journey. This is the most suitable goal for new clothing brands. Because as they are new to the market, they can inform customers about who they are and what they represent.

After the target market has properly understood the message, then they will inform others about the brand and its value. This could help in expanding the customer base. 

Driving sales

This is the most apparent and important goal of them all. However, for new clothing brands this should not be the primary goal. That is to say, they must inform their audiences and get their trust prior to trying to sell them their merchandise. 

Choosing the audience

In the preceding paragraph under situation analysis, we discussed examining customers. This is where you have to choose the audience that you want to serve and cater to as a new clothing brand. The target audience that you choose should be the one that best suits your criteria and that you know accurately and very well.  

Budget determination

The goal-and-task budgeting method

This type of budgeting is developed by defining specific and time-based goals, determining the tasks required to attain these goals and calculating or estimating the costs and expenses of implementing these tasks. This method is suitable for new clothing brands, because it will permit them to focus their time, energy and resources on activities and tasks that lead directly to their desired results. 


Paid Media

These are external marketing efforts that entail paid placement. The examples are pay-per-click advertising, branded content and display advertisements. This can be helpful to new clothing brands as they are not likely to possess expertise in promotional strategies.

Owned Media

Owned media refers to any online property owned or controlled by a business, such as a website, a blog or social media outlets. The more media outlets an enterprise has, the bigger their digital presence, which means they have more potential to get hold of larger customer bases and followers. Therefore, new clothing brands should strive to possess more social media or online platforms.

Employed media

This is encouraging employees to share marvelous content with their friends and family on their social media or digital platforms. Employed media is free. Additionally, it reaches beyond your marketing database like paid media. It is also more credible and it serves as a personal recommendation to the friends and family of employees. New clothing brands should definitely use employed media especially in their early stages in order to facilitate the trust acquisition process. 

Earned Media

This is a sort of media that is organically acquired. It can also be defined as the attention to your brand that you did not pay for. For example, when a satisfied customer posts a photo of your brand on their social media platform that you did not pay for or create.

As a matter of fact, over 50% of people trust the recommendation they get through earned media like reviews or word of mouth. This must be the ultimate aim of all new clothing brands as it will generate more sales for them with less effort in the future. 

Task-technology fit theory

This theory provides a means of calculating how effective a technology is in a system by evaluating the correlation between the technology and the tasks the technology aims to support. Furthermore, this theory helps in choosing the proper and accurate online platforms for a business strategy.

The platform/s that will be selected by a new clothing brand will be contingent on the context and content of their promotional strategy. The aspects and dispositions of different online platforms and strategies will be outlined in the content production/curation section. 

Time frame

The businesses of new clothing brands have to know that timing is everything. That is to say, their digital marketing strategies have to be time-bound. This will enable them to know how much time they have in order to execute their plan and see what works and what does not. On their social media platforms they can use softwares like Heropost in order to schedule posts in advance.

In turn this will assist new clothing brands to remain consistent, visible and ahead of time. Moreover, these new businesses have to establish time frames that will inform them how long their strategy is going to last. For example, marketing campaigns can last from 3 weeks up to 6 months. 

Content creation or production


If the aim is to demonstrate the beauty and texture of a brand, Instagram is the suitable platform for that. In other words, Instagram is all about the visuals. This social media platform is suitable for advertising as it has over 1 billion active users. This is good for new clothing brands as their market offerings have to be seen and displayed in order to capture the interest of an audience. 


This platform has a number of paid advertising alternatives. Facebook enables your creativity to flow freely allowing you to showcase up to ten products with one ad, each with its own link. You can also add up to ten videos in a carousel format.

This is very convenient for new clothing brands as they can promote numerous products or items at a price of one. Moreover, this will permit you to relate a better story, showcase a wider range of products or demonstrate a more detailed description of your offerings. 


This platform can be used to create long-form content. New clothing brands can spread brand awareness on Twitter with the help of influencers to broaden their reach. What is more, new clothing brands can design copies in order to inform the public about their articles or product launches. You can also pay to set up a promoted account, where Twitter will foster users to follow your account. 

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

This instrument enables retailers to showcase precisely the same products or services their customers want. In the case where a customer explores your website, views products, or adds to cart, the pixels of Facebook pick it up. After that, Facebook will display the products that customers seem to be interested in.

DPA enables businesses to diminish the workload of creating various ad units for every product. DPA triples the engagement standard of a normal Facebook ad. Facebook lets digital businesses aim their ads based on demographics like:

  • Geographic location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Languages
  • Interests or hobbies
  • Behavioral patterns

This poses a great opportunity for new clothing brands. They have the advantage to get the right components in order to tailor their offerings. For example, if you have sports apparel and you are based in a French speaking vicinity, you might decide to aim an ad for basketball kits at customers aged 18-30 who speak French and are lovers of the sport. 

Influencer Marketing

This is a type of marketing in which a brand partners with a public figure or a star so as to foster your content to their followers. What is more, this type of marketing will enable you to reach audiences that are difficult to reach. New clothing brands can leverage on the influence that public personas have on their admirers 


Quality of content

There is a very high probability that most new clothing brands are spearheaded by individuals who still have a lot to learn. As far as content is concerned it must be of high quality. In order to ensure high-quality content, new clothing brands can even work with external digital marketing experts or outsource some of their tasks. This approach is guaranteed to breed success especially in a highly competitive business environment like the clothing industry. 

Local SEO

Most new clothing brands are less likely to have an enormous budget like the brands that have been in the industry for decades. Nevertheless, in order to counteract this, new clothing brands can make use of Local SEO. Furthermore, the new brands can utilize local citation to their advantage as it is totally free. This will enable them to put their information and overall business online. This move will raise the chances of success and of reaching a wider audience. 

Using links

Every new business wants as much traffic as possible to their owned media. One of the methods that can be used to draw a large number of consumers to your digital platforms utilizing links.

So as new arrivals in the industry, you can include links in your social media posts that will direct customers to your website and vice versa. This will be very effective in raising brand awareness provided that the same marketing message is consistent across all digital platforms. 

Measure and evaluate

Google Analytics

This service is a portion of the Google Marketing Platform, and it can be used by anyone for free supposing that they have a Google account. Additionally, this tool is used to track website performance and analyze visitor behavior.

Google Analytics will allow new clothing brands to know how many active users of their website they have, the percentage of users who only viewed a single page (bounce rate) and the amount of visitor interactions that transpire in a 30-minute window of online activity (sessions). Furthermore, new clothing brands will know the average session duration, percentage of new sessions, pages per session, goal completions and page views.

Evaluate via reviews

You have to assess if everything is going according to intended plans. This is done by comparing the actual results with predetermined objectives, aims and goals. Examining customer reviews will allow new clothing brands to understand the level of satisfaction of their customers.

Also, this will provide feedback with regards to what customers actually want, need and expect. The data from these reviews can be used as input in the production of products and delivery of services in the future. Consequently, you can create a favorable experience for your customers.  


New clothing brands must develop a thorough and comprehensive digital strategy or plan in order to avoid taking actions haphazardly. Even if this plan seems like lots of work and effort, but, every business should have one so as to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. Lastly, a full plan saves you from being another brand that did not make it. 

The digital marketing strategy can be defined as a plan of action that is executed to obtain your goals and aims via current or available marketing channels or outlets such as paid, earned, owned and employed media.  We are living in a technology-driven world. Thus, businesses must adopt technology at a quick rate in order…

The digital marketing strategy can be defined as a plan of action that is executed to obtain your goals and aims via current or available marketing channels or outlets such as paid, earned, owned and employed media.  We are living in a technology-driven world. Thus, businesses must adopt technology at a quick rate in order…

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